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Amazing things happen when women team up, get empowered and get exposed to things that we had no idea about. A Woman's Worth has been birthed from a sense of urgency and passion for sharing the principles of building a legacy that will continue to make a difference in an extremely fun and innovated way.

Through Conversations with LeahK across the Pan African Continent, the intention is to establish and build chapters that will help us as individuals to create, identify and increase brand awareness, as a means to develop multiple revenue streams in our challenged economy.

Conversations with LeahK is about bringing together entrepreneurs, business and visionary like minded individuals to celebrate and create profound, mind shifting, groundbreaking ideas, make deep connections and unique opportunities to change lives through shared collaboration.

A Woman’s Worth is about building a global community of women who desire to take charge of their financial future, expand their knowledge, and build their confidence regarding wealth, money and credit.

The Woman’s Worth chapters are be about strategically planning, organizing, and hosting through workshops, connect evenings, and conferences to empower collaborations and partnerships.

United, our goals include co-creating strategies and tools necessary for economic and personal development.

As LeahK my purpose is to CONNECT us like-minded women to build a legacy that has a Pan African and global impact, both personally and professionally, by creating a platform to promote our personal brands, products and services.

Thank you for your interest in this Chapter of a Woman's Worth, we look forward to an amazing journey with you. 💝💞